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Ilusiones Arboreas

Helena Sarin, Zancan, A.L. Crego, Presstube and Arsiliath


There is an intricate relationship between humanity, technology, and nature. An interplay that shapes our existence and influences the world we live in. We participate in an eternal cycle of rebirth and regrowth that permeates it all.

Art is an invaluable medium to explore this relationship, presenting a vision where these realms can coexist harmoniously, where technology is a catalyst for environmental stewardship rather than a threat to it.

From 14th July, collectors will be able to buy one unique Open Edition NFT, "Brotes" (EN; Sprouts), and receive 1 of the 10 available artworks in your wallet

Artistic expression highlights the symbiotic nature of our relationship with the environment. Through "Ilusiones Arbóreas" (ENG; arboreal illusions), the art installation that will be showcased in the City of Arts and Science in Valencia (Spain) for #NFTSE during 14/15th of July, we invite our assistants to reflect on the vital role that these forces play in our collective future.

Under the special guidance and help from Zancan, in the shape of art by 5 legendary artists hailing from completely different backgrounds but an artistic message that highlights our relationship with nature, green hues will emerge from our tree to be partners of nature rather than separate entities."

In collaboration with Objkt.com, we are proud to present unique minting mechanics, where there will be 5 special and rarer artworks, harder to appear.

You won't generate duplicated artworks until you get one non-rare NFT by each of the artists

Our artistic ode to nature and rebirth in the aftermath of the wildfires that recently affected the Valencian region, where 10% of the proceeds will be donated to de NPO AMUFOR.


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